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Getting the garden Summer ready

by Norwoods Gardener | May 21, 2020

As we approach the start of summer, we’re busy in our garden making sure it’s at its very best for us to relax in and enjoy in the sunshine. To help you get your garden summer ready,

we’ve put together our latest seasonal roundup of garden jobs that you should be doing to make sure it’s ready for everything from enjoying a spot of afternoon reading to cooking up a storm on the barbeque.


Switch up your watering habits

We’re all about gardening in the most eco-friendly and efficient way here at Irrigatia, so if you haven’t already, why not invest in a water butt to recycle rainwater for your garden?  Even better, look into the appropriate Irrigatia kit to keep your garden watered all summer long without having to lift a finger.

Alternatively, if you’re sticking to the usual hand-watering methods, make sure to water earlier or later in the day – by avoiding watering at the warmest times you’ll get the most out of the water you’re using, and will avoid wilting your plants.


Don’t shy away from a little extra maintenance

Now’s the time to really pay attention to your garden maintenance – it’s not everybody’s favourite aspect of gardening, but it has to be done to see great results! Start mowing your lawn on a weekly basis, and regularly hoeing off weeds from your borders and veg patches. It’s also important to regularly air out your greenhouse and similar structures, so on warmer days make sure to open your vents – this will help prevent plants from overheating and suffering from sun flag and leaf scorch.


Check your hedges for wildlife

Don’t forget that the early summer month are prime time for birds to be nesting in trees and hedges, so make sure to check for signs of birdlife before you get trimming or pruning. Did you know, under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 it’s actually an offence to damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while it is in use or being built?


It’s time for summer bedding!

The most satisfying time for any gardener is surely when the flowers are in full bloom, but if you’re still waiting on your perennials then now is the perfect time to plant out some summer bedding for instant colour. With the colder weather behind us, the end of May makes for the perfect time to introduce annuals and biennials, such as begonias and aquilegia, to your borders.


Try your hand at a veg patch

Why not give yourself a new challenge this summer? With the last frost of the year behind us, it’s safe for allotment holders and amateur veg-growers alike to get planting out their more tender veg, such as runner beans and peppers. Now is also your last chance to plant out early potatoes – so make sure you don’t miss the boat on some homegrown spuds!