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Spare Pumps

You can purchase a spare pump for the SOL-C12 and SOL-C24 which is easy to install.

The current version of the spare pump is IRR-SPV4 which can also be used to replace an IRR-SPV2 - it is not compatible with control units supplied before 2015.

If you are replacing an SPV2 pump you may need to turn the controller down to get a similar application of water.The pump head can be dismantled for cleaning or for replacing a valve if it has been damaged for any reason.


o Take out 5 screws and remove lid
o Undo twist tie to release wires(left picture)
o Unplug diaphragm pump (right picture)
o Remove pump, replace with new one and plug in.
o Use twist tie to hold wires so that lid can be replaced (top picture)
o Replace lid and screws.

Pump replacement Pic 1
Pump replacement Pic 2

Problems with SPV2 pump

Sometimes particles from the water supply can stop the SPV-2 pump from working properly. Assuming that there is no problem with the rest of the pump this can be rectified by replacing the pump head.

To do this remove the screws from the existing pump head, lift it off and replace with the new one. Put all the screws in loosely then gradually tighten the screws in turn until the gap between the pump head and pump body are completely closed, but do not overtighten.

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