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Customer Quotes from 2015 Survey

Set It Up & Go!

The prospect of coming home from holiday to find your once healthy plants have been starved of water and died is any proud gardener’s worst nightmare.  Not surprising then that automatic ‘holiday watering’ has been cited as one of the key reasons why avid gardeners are choosing a solar powered watering system to take care of their plants while they enjoy some time away, worry-free!

A recent online customer survey conducted by Irrigatia - the brains behind the only fully automatic solar powered system in Europe – has found that homeowners are enjoying complete peace of mind when on holiday knowing their prized plants back home are getting their liquid needs when required, delivered naturally by their automatic watering system.

More than 350  homeowners across the UK participated in the online survey.  Over 70%  stated ‘holiday watering’ was the key reason they choose the Irrigatia system followed by the fact that it uses rainwater and is weather responsive.

Fifty six percent  stated the Irrigatia system has helped them to save between 20-30 minutes a day with a staggering 86%  seeing very positive results on their plants.  Many are also enjoying a reduction in water usage compared to the watering can. 

“Unlike electronic timer systems that deliver water at a set time, regardless as to whether the plant needs it, the Irrigatia solar powered package automatically judges their needs and waters every three hours.  The longer the daylight hours and the greater the light intensity in a day the more the system waters,” says Erick Mackay, Sales and Marketing director of the North Yorkshire based Irrigatia.

“It gives people the freedom to spend more time away from home not having to worry or rely on their neighbours, friends or family to water plants in their absence.  The volume of water can be manually adjusted to suit individual watering needs.”

Irrigatia is ideal for vegetable gardens and allotments, house plants, containers, hanging baskets, pots or plants and shrubs planted out in the garden and under glass.  All that is needed is an adjacent water supply and somewhere to hang the solar panel and control box to capture maximum sunlight which it stores in rechargeable batteries.

They work anywhere including balconies on high-rise buildings or allotments where no power – other than natural sunshine – is available.  

Customer quotes

“A clever idea which really works”

“Brilliant time saver and plants are growing better”

“I have a really busy life being away from home a lot and used to come home to wilting plants which took ages to recover - now I come home to a healthy jungle which looks amazing”

“I found that using rainwater from my water butt was the best irrigation water for my garden”

“Excellent idea - not only safe, but efficient, resource conscious and leaves you to get on with more important things while the plants get on with growing. Superb!!”

"Do not need to make arrangements for people to water allotment greenhouse twice a day when away in summer ."

"Thanks to the unit I now have a large crop of tomatoes, as well as some beans, peppers, courgettes and rosemary from a tiny south facing front yard. Now I need a second one for the back yard."

"The unit means that the plants benefit whilst I am away or late home and unable to tend them. They also get the volume they need rather than my clumsy dowsing."

"Yes. Use in greenhouse for veg plant running off a water butt. Great for slow, consistent watering throughout the day and saves by using rain water! Need another one now for my outdoor patch!"

Customer quotes

“It means I don't have to visit the allotment every day to water tomatoes etc. Marvellous"

“Yes. Reliable, regular watering when needed. Particularly useful when we are away. My greenhouse plants would not survive without it.”

"Simplicity & efficient irrigation resulting in improved size quantity and flavour/display"

"Our greenhouse is perfectly watered whether we are there or not. We reap the rewards of lovely fruit and veg without being tied to manual watering."

"I have two units installed and I now don't have to worry about watering after a day at work as I know the job has been done for me. It is particularly useful when I am away on holiday."

"when on holiday for weeks at a time i do not have to pay someone to water up for me, i have 4 100lt water butts all joined up at the valves, fed from the roof & shed down pipes. works well for me!"

"We have two units, one to water and feed hanging baskets outside and the other in a greenhouse to water and feed tomatoes, cucumber etc. Our water supply is from Water Butts and this allows us to add liquid feed to be dispensed on each watering."