Solar Automatic Watering System

No need for mains water and electricity, Irrigatia watering systems are ideal for gardens, greenhouses, hanging baskets, raised beds and allotments
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Irrigatia's solar powered irrigation unit

Irrigatia Watering Systems: the Ideal Automatic Watering Solution

Irrigatia systems water every three hours and adapt to the weather, watering longer / less as required
  • Waters your plants whilst you are on holiday or away
  • Adjusts watering automatically for hotter/cooler days
  • Waters your plants automatically, saving you time
  • Provide a controlled amount of water, directly at the root
  • Solar powered to save money and energy
  • Uses captured rainwater to be fully eco friendly
Which Irrigatia kit do I need?

Irrigatia is working with David Domoney

We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with David Domoney to show you how automatic irrigation can bolster your blooms! Check out his most recent videos with Irrigatia.
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Getting Started

Easy to Install and Set Up

Our irrigation controllers use solar power to detect the weather and alter watering patterns according to the conditions and the season
How does it work?
Add Our Filter and Water Sensor
Using a water butt or reservoir to catch rainfall is a great way to reduce water waste and minimise your water bill, too.
Place the Controller in the Sun
Connect the tubes to the control unit and then place it somewhere that it will see a lot of sunlight; this both charges the unit and allows it to monitor sunlight levels.
Add Drippers to Your Plants
Once you have placed your drippers in the plants you’d like to water, simply turn on the control unit and walk away – it’s that easy!

Introducing Irrigatia: Easy, Eco-friendly & Efficient

The weather responsive, automatic solar-powered watering system, perfect for every garden project, from patios to hanging baskets.

Our Full Range of Irrigation Kits

At Irrigatia, we have irrigation kits for any garden, allotment or greenhouse, at any size. Browse the full collection.
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SOL-C60 Irrigation unit


The SOL-C60 irrigation system is the perfect automatic watering solution for those with large garden...
  • Water up to 60 irrigation units
  • Drip waters up to 5m above water source
  • Uses 90 percent less water than a hose
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SOL C120 irrigation unit


The SOL-C120 irrigation kit provides optimal watering for large domestic gardens, borders and profes...
  • Water up to 120 irrigation units
  • Drip waters up to 5m above water source
  • Uses 90 percent less water than a hose
More Information
SOL C180 irrigation unit


The SOL-C180 irrigation system is ideal for use in large gardens, borders, allotments, horticulture ...
  • Water up to 180 irrigation units
  • Drip waters up to 5m above water source
  • Uses 90 percent less water than a hose
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More than 350 homeowners across the UK participated in our survey, and over 70 percent stated that holiday watering is the key reason they choose our Irrigatia kits.
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"I can’t recommend this irrigation system any more highly than 10 out of 10." Diane
"As an engineer and a gardener I must say that this is an extremely well designed product." Peter