Gardening Tips

Vertical Gardening – an innovative approach

By Norwoods Gardener 22nd December 2016

Reasons to grow vertically:

  • The advantages of vertical gardens (or living walls) really come into their own in small spaces. They are an innovative way of adding decoration to walls, fences and even garden sheds effortlessly, and can really enhance the architectural beauty and aesthetic value of your home environment.
  • Vertical gardens are easy to mount and maintain.
  • They allow you to grow more plants and really maximise the space you have.
  • There are health benefits also. Vertical gardening enables you to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers without ever bending or getting on your knees - ideal for gardeners who suffer from back and knee problems!
  • Saves time! Less work is involved when preparing vertical gardens - no digging is required.
  • Uses less water because in many vertical gardens, water is recycled through the planting system.
  • When combined with an Irrigatia solar powered watering kit the main issue that used to be associated with vertical growing is overcome. Irrigatia systems can water up to 5m in height and drippers are attached to the top row of pots, which then filters down through the drainage holes into the pots below. Any excess water is then collected in the drainage trough and collected for easy recycling.
  • Vertical gardens are an easier way to protect your plants from soil-borne pests.
  • With vertical growing, you have the flexibility to move your plants to better take advantage of light and air circulation.
  • Vertical gardening = higher yields. Growing vertically increases vegetable production because of better air circulation and sunlight reaching more of the foliage.