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These kits are designed to extend the scope of the basic irrigation kits as well as provide for alternative methods of plant watering.

Dripper Extension Kits

The SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 come complete with 15m of tube and 12 of each drippers, stakes & t-pieces.

There is a 12 dripper extension kit available that extends the C24 to a 24 dripper system with 30m of tube.  Please note that adding more than 12 drippers to the C12 reduces the amount of water supplied to each dripper.

The SOL-C120 kit contains no drippers but has a 25m length of 13mm tube which you connect the extension kit tube to, using the hole punch supplied in the C120 kit.

There is a 20 dripper extension kit for the C120 - up to 6 of these extension kits can be run off one C120 unit for a total of 120 drippers.

Irrigatia in-line connection for micro-porous soaker hose
Irrigatia 12 dripper extension kit contents
Using Irrigatia drippers to water your tomatoes


Seephose - or leaky hose as it is sometimes called

If you want to extend the water emission over a longer area then you can use the Irrigatia Seephose Extension kit that connects directly onto a dripper.

This is ideal for raised beds, seed trays or even tree root establishment.

You can connect up to 1m of seephose directly onto the dripper or a 2m length with a dripper at either end.

The Irrigatia Seephose Extension kit comes with 12m of seep hose , 12 stoppers, 2 connectors and 12 stakes.
Irrigatia using soaker hose connected directly to a dripper
Irrigatia seep hose contents
Irrigatia - using leaky hose in a raised bed


Micro-Porous Hose with Dupont™ Tyvek® tubes

This unique system distributes water through millions of microscopic pores using durable DuPont Tyvek tubes, that resist the clogging, cracking and root intrusion problems common to other drip systems. There is an inner plastic core and protective cover that allows it to be snaked along rows still giving even water distribution throughout the run.

These are ideal for longer runs in vegetable and flower beds and can be connected to the SOL-C24 and SOL-C120 units in up to 25m lengths. The C24 will support 1 roll and the C120 up to 6 meaning that  a massive 120m length can be watered.

Each 25m roll comes with 2 adaptors, 2 connectors, 2 lengths of connector pipe, 2 O rings, 2 cable ties and 6 stakes.  The roll can be split into 2 lengths or more. If more than 2, then additional connector kits can be purchased from the spares section of our shop if shorter runs are required.

Please note that the anti-siphon device should not be installed when using Micro-Porous hose.

Micro-Porous in-line connection to SOL-C120 feeder tube
Micro-Porous with SOL-C24 in a raised bed
Irrigatia Micro-porous in a veg bed with a SOL-C24


Irrigatia Reservoir - when you want to connect to a tap

If you don't have a water butt or other natural water source then you can connect the Irrigatia controllers to a tap by using the Reservoir.  

The Patio Watering Kit contains a SOL-C12 and a Reservoir.

Simply drop the inlet filter into the reservoir along with the water level sensor - ideally buried in some washed sand to help filter out chemicals. If you don't want to use the water level sensor you can disconnect this and replace it on the PCB with the jumper supplied - see instruction leaflet.

Connect a hosepipe from the tap onto the hosepipe connector and tighten the supplied jubilee clip - turn on the tap and leave - the reservoir float valve will keep the reservoir topped up continuously.

The kit comprises the 5 litre capacity container, float valve to control the refill, hose connector and clip.

Inside an Irrigatia reservoir
Reservoir pack
Irrigatia Reservoir - connects the irrigation system to a tap