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Garden ambiance: Tips to make your garden the ultimate relaxing space

by Norwoods Gardener | May 12, 2022
May is home to Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May), an annual event focused on supporting people in achieving good mental health. Gardening itself has many benefits for our mental wellbeing, including stress-relief and reducing feelings of anxiety, and surrounding yourself with green spaces can have a major uplift on your mood!

As the weather becomes milder, it’s time to get out in the garden and enjoy your own space to relax and unwind in. Follow our top tips to transform your garden into a mindful sanctuary.


Creating a sense of calm


Our gardens are a place for us to escape, and by transforming the space into your very own haven it can have many positive outcomes on your mental health. Adding delicate windchimes to your garden is a great way to simulate a calming environment as the sounds are proven to help you relax. Similarly, water features can help promote relaxation through calming movement and sound. 


Consider natural fragrances


Consider all of the senses. Aromatherapy is proven to enhance relaxation as it can decrease the levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. What better way to implement this into your outdoor space than planting aromatics in your very own garden? Try planting herbs such as fresh mint and rosemary along with fragrant flowers like jasmine and rose to reap the benefits. 


Add some shade


Adding shaded areas will make your garden a delight to use, all day long! With the sunshine coming and going throughout the day, adding a garden shade can a provide a cooling spot for you to relax whilst avoiding the sun during the hottest part of the day. Having somewhere to sit and enjoy your time in the garden is a great way to relax and having the option to sit in the sun or the shade is a key part to creating that ultimate relaxing space. 

Opt for serene colours


When deciding on a colour scheme for your garden space, pick colours that reinforce that relaxed state of mind and keep any contrast to a minimum. Generally, soft, subtle colours such as pastels and muted blues and greens for flowers, furniture and exterior walls are great way to promote calmness in the garden. If you are after a pop of colour, we recommend picking out one an as accent in order to prevent a chaotic and restless space. 


Keep it simple


Simplicity is key! No matter the size of your outdoor space, you can create your own personal sanctuary in the garden. Simple shapes and a non-contrasting colour palette are fundamental for creating a calming oasis. Keeping clutter to a minimum and maintaining a tidy garden will also create a relaxing environment.


Invest in irrigation 


If the thought of having to water your plants proves overwhelming, Irrigatia solar powered drip irrigation kits are the easiest way to water automatically from your water barrel straight to your desired area, and will water every three hours, even when you’re not there. Our C12 and C24 L Series systems are ideal for smaller beds and groups of pots, whilst our Tank Series can serve much larger garden areas and allotments.

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